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  1. Hearing Voices and Multiple Issues Relieved
  2. Using EFT To Build Emotional Strength in Overwhelming Circumstances
  3. Rapid Success For a Crystal Meth and Cocaine Addiction
  4. Using EFT for Child Birthing Fears
  5. EFT approaches for "Loose Ligaments" that can apply to countless other issues
  6. Heroin Addiction
  7. A Bulimia "One Session Wonder"
  8. Asthma and Pain Articles
  9. Fish Phobia
  10. Panic Attacks
  11. Releasing Anger
  12. Depression, height phobia and claustrophobia
  13. Cross dressing, sexuality and depression
  14. Nursing home guilt
  15. EFT and meditation
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  17. Panic and Molestation
  18. Handling a Family Disaster
  19. Cataracts & Glaucoma
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For a very comprehensive understanding of EFT go to Gary Craig's wonderful website.

Using EFT To Build Emotional Strength in Overwhelming Circumstances

Sometimes life gives us a major dose of "The Overwhelms" where unexpected events seem beyond our ability to handle. Aileen Nobles was handed such a challenge recently when her husband had a major stroke.

Gary, I want to share with you how instrumental EFT has been for me throughout the most challenging year of my life.

It started last Jan with my husband having a detached retina. A couple of weeks later he suffered a massive stroke. As I sat in ICU looking at my husband of 36 years with tubes coming out of his head, his throat, his chest and many other places, I knew I needed to calm my terror.

As a practitioner helping others for many years using EFT, TFT, Goodman, and subconscious reprogramming, I now had the perfect opportunity to use these energy techniques on myself. I needed it !!!

I sat by his bed and used EFT on myself for terror...terror of how to cope without him. How to survive financially. How to find out who I was without my rock of Gibraltar.

I started tapping on...

"Even though I'm terrified of losing my husband, its OK, I can love and accept myself anyway."

"Of course i'm terrified of losing him we've been together for 36 years and now he's dying...but its Ok to feel this way I can love and accept myself anyway."

"Even though i'm terrified I'd much rather feel strong, but if I can't feel that way yet its OK."

"My terror isn't gong to help my husband or me so i'm now choosing to let it go as I become stronger and stronger."I did another round on "Letting go of terror."

I then tapped around my ears to reprogram getting stronger and calmer. I felt my terror begin to subside. Nothing felt realI then tapped on...

"Even though I feel this is not really happening, its OK to feel this way and I love and accept myself anyway""Even though I expect I will wake up from this night mare if I don'tits OK, I still completely accept myself."

I tapped on everything that surfaced, and as the intensity of the fear and sadness subsided, I gradually changed the words to "Even though I know this is happening in divine order I dont' like it!!" I finally end with "I know this is my sacred contract (even though I may have forgotten that I signed up for it) and I choose to use this situation to grow and move into a higher more loving space as I get stronger and stronger. [GC COMMENT: Notice how the change in language reflects a cognitive shift. This is a VERY important feature of EFT] The change in emotion is amazing. Being able to understand that nothing is by accident and all is in divine order also allows me to not get caught in the smaller picture.

Nobody around me can understand how I am able to be so strong. My sadness and depression only last for minutes at a time. When I feel overwhelmed with the responsibility of takingcare of my husband 24/7 I tap on...

"Even though I am completely overwhelmed by this responsibility its OK, of course I feel overwhelmed." "Completely overwhelmed, trapped, sad, lonely."

I then do a round of tapping on...

"Even though I feel trapped, overwhelmed, sad and alone feeling this way isn'tgoing to help the situation. It isn't healing my husband or making me feel good, I choose to feel strong, patient and happy."

I do tap whenever I feel the need and sometimes that is a few times a day. Before this happened I had worked quite a lot with clients and grief. I now know first hand how incredibly effectiveEFT is.
Aileen Nobles

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Addictions, Compulsions and Overweight Case History File From the EFT Email Support List

Rapid Success For a Crystal Meth and Cocaine Addiction

Aileen Nobles uses creativity for many emotional issues underlying an addiction to crystal meth and cocaine. Her client then goes a week without these drugs. Please note that this is an unusual case ... AND ... it may not be over. Most hard addictions require skillful and persistent use of EFT to rid the system of all the emotional drivers (and their various aspects). Nonetheless, the results here are impressive, as is Aileen's unique approach.

By Aileen Nobles:
I want to share with you that a week ago I had a session with a client who was using crystal meth and cocaine. He was completely out of control. We did a session working on his issues of being rejected by his parents and the children at school for being a "sissy." (His words)
He is gay, and never felt that he was lovable just because he exists. We tapped on "being a sissy and not being lovable." We tapped as he alternated.... "I'm lovable but I'm not.."
"I'm strong in some areas but weak in others.."

"I'm creative but not creative enough."
"I want drugs but I don't.."
"I want to get high but I hate myself when I do it with drugs.."
"I want to be high on life and love without drugs.."
"I'm a pretty great guy but I just don't know it...I want to know it.."

I had him visualize holding a tiny baby (himself as a new born.) He was able to love the baby just because he existed.. He tapped as we had the baby grow up to be a toddler, he could still give love. He tapped as the little boy grew up and he couldn't give him love any more. We continued to tap as he grew up to present time. Using words such as.... "I'm lovable and unlovable at the same time...so are most people so I'm in good company."
"I'm perfect in my seeming imperfection."

He was smiling, laughing and crying by the end of his session.
I saw him a week later and lo and behold he had been off drugs all week!!!
It is not always this easy and I am sure he was at that perfect place for change, but what a wonderful testimonial for EFT.
Love and Light,
Aileen Nobles

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Using EFT for Child Birthing Fears

The child birthing process carries with it many fears: Will it be painful?, Will my baby be OK?, Will I need surgery? And so on. This emotional unrest helps neither baby nor mother and thus using EFT along the way can pay major benefits. In this case by Aileen Nobles we find numerous examples of tapping issues and methods for these circumstances. You should find it to be a good checklist when your time comes.

By Aileen Nobles
Hi Gary,

Probably one of the most joyful uses of EFT for me is to release the fear some mothers-to-be have of giving birth. Sometimes this fear will hinder their body from becoming pregnant. It may be a subconscious fear, or it may be very conscious. Either way it is an energy that is detrimental to mother and baby. I have seen a number of times that once the fear is lifted pregnancy happens…perhaps it would have happened anyway, but now at least its without fear.
Many different fears emerge when pregnancy is contemplated or experienced, such as fear of labor being too painful to handle, fear of not being strong enough to do it "properly," fear of the baby not being "normal." All of these issues so far have been resolved very quickly and easily with EFT. Recently on a half hour television show I worked with a mother who had planned a home delivery for her first baby. She ended up having a cesarean delivery. Now she is eight months pregnant with her second baby, and wants a natural delivery in a hospital, but was afraid this birth would turn out the same way as the first one.
The fear factor was 9 on the 0-10 scale. We started with Elizabeth tapping on her sore spot.

"Even though I'm terrified of a difficult labor, its OK I'll love and accept myself anyway."
"Even though I'm terrified of going through labor again, its OK I'll love and accept myself anyway."
"Of course I'm scared to death of going through labor again, who wouldn't be after all I went through."
We moved to the short sequence:
"I really am afraid of going into labor"
"I'm really afraid its going to be as difficult again"
"I still have that painful memory in my subconscious and every cell of my body"
"Of course I still have fear, who wouldn't have it after all I'm sane!"
"I am afraid, I give myself permission to be afraid...but I would much rather not be"
"I really am afraid, but I really want this baby, and as I don't know how to ask the stork to deliver him, I'm just going to have to birth him."
"Just because it was hard last time does not mean it will be hard this time."
"In fact I know many stories where the second baby is easier."
"I really don't want to hold on to any fear any more"
"Cells of my body release old memory and fear right now, connected with my first birth. That was then, and this is now."
"With Alyssa's birth (first baby) I actually proved to myself how strong I am...I don't need to prove it again! "
"I did it really well, I don't have to do it again"
"This birth is probably going to be really easy relatively speaking, as if I'm birthing a grapefruit instead of a watermelon."
A huge burst of laughter and sighs.
"I believe this time it will be easy, there's no reason it wont be. Easier the second time."
"I've heard of deliveries being so quick and easy that the baby didn't even wait to get to the hospital. I would like mine to wait until the hospital and then be that easy."
"Its going to be easy, I'm feeling good about the thought of giving birth."
"Its going to be easier than I can imagine. Easy and loving for both of us."
"Easy delivery, beautiful delivery, my body knows how to have a baby if I get my head out of the way."
"Every cell of my body knows what to do and he (baby) knows what to do."
"He says I want out of here (when its time)"
"I'm ready for an easy birth, I choose an easy birth, I allow an easy birth."

The thought of giving birth was clear and positive. I asked her if anything else hadn't been addressed and she mentioned her fear of needing another cesarean.

Tapping on the karate point:
"I'm afraid I may have to have a cesarean again."
"I did not expect it the first time...however it was a relief after all I'd gone through but I rather not do it again. But that was my baby girl, and now I have a beautiful baby boy who wants to be born."
We did a round of letting go of fear.
Back to the karate point
Easy natural birth
"He doesn't want a cesarean, I don't want a cesarean."
"I can imagine people sighing "Elizabeth how did you do it so easily."
"I will allow the healing energy of the universe to flow through me , supporting me in this beautiful time of birthing a new life."
"I am ready"

We quickly and easily released all of those fears and she is calm and ready for the new birth, no matter how it turns out.

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EFT approaches for "Loose Ligaments" that can apply to countless other issues

Many thanks to Aileen Nobles for this excellent article. This is a classic case where using EFT to collapse emotional issues resulted in some striking physical improvements. She details many approaches that can be used for an endless list of other issues.

By Aileen Nobles
Hi Gary,
I thought this situation might be of interest to you and your readers.
I met with a client (I will call her Mary) and on meeting her I noticed how severe a limp she had. It was difficult for her to stand straight and it seemed that both knees were going in different directions as she walked. Plus, although her foot was in some type of brace, it was still dragging as she moved.
Mary is quite young, in her thirties, and a fairly successful PR person in New York. I asked her what was going on and how long had she had this problem.
She said it was most of her life. She was diagnosed as having loose ligaments which seemed to particularly show up in her legs and feet.
When she was about five years old she remembers being taken by her mother to a terrifying Doctor who told her she would never improve. She called him Dr Death. He had a handlebar moustache, and to this day she was terrified of men with handlebar mustaches.
We started tapping on. "Even though I thought this evil doctor was horrible I accepted what he told me, but in spite of that I completely accept myself anyway."
"Even though I hated him and didn't believe him some part of me accepted what he told me about never getting better, but its OK I will love and accept myself anyway."
We tapped on various points saying. "Not only was he mean and evil, he also had this terrifying mustache and I was so little and helpless I couldn't run away from him."
As we tapped I had Mary imagine the Doctor as a little boy with his big old handlebar mustache, and she began to giggle. Then we moved on to "I bet that he was not always right in the things he said to people, in fact he was probably wrong quite a few times, and if I could have asked his wife she would probably confirm that, and yet I gave him all my power...but its OK I can love and accept myself anyway."
We continued tapping until she could imagine herself in his office as that little girl, and have no reaction to him.
Next we tapped on being able to stand on her own two feet and being ready to move forward. We tapped on strengthening the ligaments.
Her pain had greatly decreased as she stood up to leave the office and we had also tapped on that issue.
In her next session Mary reported that she had managed to walk around her apartment without the brace on but needed it outside as the sidewalks are uneven. After she left me, and before returning to New York, Mary had actually walked on the beach!! She hadn't been able to do that for years. She also thought that the statements about standing on her own two feet and being ready to move forward had made a huge difference in her life. She said she had picked up five more contracts in the two weeks since we had worked together.
As we talked, she also mentioned getting a migraine that was so severe that she canceled a major business meeting.
We had work to do!
This session was over the phone. We started with the sore spots.
"Even though I've had some improvement in strengthening my ligaments I am holding on to some emotions that are keeping me from strengthening the ligaments completely. In spite of my doing this unconsciously its Ok I can completely accept myself anyway."
"Even though there's a part of me that is keeping me from a complete healing its OK I'll accept myself either way, but I'd rather have the healing."
"What ever emotions I have in my subconscious I would really like to release them if they are stopping my healing process."
We moved to other tapping points tapping on releasing all negative emotions, beliefs and experiences.
We then discussed how much she had been teased at school for the way she walked. Her knees don't track like other people so she always had an unusual gait.
"I have all of these memories when I was five and a half about being teased about the way I walk. I didn't walk like everyone else. My knees didn't track the way they were meant to." We continued to tap on getting rid of the kids mean teasing and hating being different.
We tapped on "I hated being different, it was so painful to be teased and I'm holding all this pain inside me now." We tapped on her thymus as she said "this pain comes out in my migraines." We tapped on "It doesn't benefit me to hold it inside as it affects my physical body." We did another complete round on holding on to then releasing the pain of the teasing. We talked about how the pain goes into her head and feet and then did a short round. "I want to let go of this pain." "I believe I can let go of this pain." "I choose to let go of this pain." And the most important one. "I allow myself to let go of this pain."
We then tapped on little kids not knowing any better when they were mean to others. How they had probably been teased or hurt themselves and were just using her as a scapegoat for their own pain. We tapped on forgiveness.
Then we tapped on. "Even though I'm not like everyone else that's a good thing but I'd like to be able to walk more easily. I'd like my knees to track and the ligaments in my whole body to become stronger, so I can move forward in my life more easily and with strength."
Mary now said she had a warm tingly feeling in her left foot. (The foot with the most problems) She thought that it was a good energy.. We tapped on "Even though I have this tingly feeling in my left foot I think it is my body healing my foot right now." "I'd like it to be in both feet if its benefiting me. If its not then I'd like it to go, and the healing to continue." We tapped on being able to walk without pain anywhere in the city, walking for pleasure, walking towards happiness and success. She imagined herself walking the way she wanted to and we thanked her body for the healing now taking place.
We tested Mary imagining herself in the Doctors office, with handlebar mustaches, and kids in school. She was 0 on all of them. I had her stand up and walk around the room. She reported no pain but a little stiffness. We tapped on her stiffness that went down to a one.
She was ecstatic.
We also did work on the new Mary...a Mary who walked normally for the first time in her life. It will be interesting to see if these improvements last. Its a few weeks now.

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Heroin Addiction

Let experienced EFT'er Aileen Nobles take you through the details of unraveling her client's 6 year heroin addiction in 4 sessions. Please note her many creative approaches, including how she uses a light switch metaphor as a means to test how well things are going. Also note that first class results like this are rare with conventional treatments. A success like this one, however, does not always mean that the job is over. Future diligence is sometimes necessary.

By Aileen Nobles
Hi Gary,
I'm quite thrilled to share another wonderful success story in progress, thanks to EFT. Kristen has been generous enough to share her testimonial with your readers so that others may take hope.
When Kristen came for her first appointment she had been on heroin for 6 years. She was participating in a methadone program yet she was still craving heroin.
She has caring parents and a good job. We searched around for how it began, and she believes she started using in high school because it was a cool thing to do. She wanted to fit in with the others.
During the first session we tapped on:
* Feelings of disconnection from her emotions and life in general.
* Unsure of her place in the world.
* Feeling anxious around groups of people
* Anxiety and fear at the thought of not using heroin again.

GC COMMENT: Please note that all of Aileen's tapping rounds in this article are aimed at GLOBAL issues and SYMPTOMS. This is often helpful to "take the edge off" and move toward healing. As you will see, it was certainly successful in this case. In my experience, however, the foundational issues behind addictions often revolve around the SPECIFIC EVENTS underlying the reasons for needing to use drugs. These SPECIFIC EVENTS eventually become important targets in many cases.

AILEEN CONTINUES: As a child Kristen had to share her bedroom with siblings, she always felt she wanted something that was her own secret but had no privacy. Heroin became her secret.
We used a visualization of a light switch being up and on when she was out of control, and tapped as she moved into a place where she could turn her switch off into the down position. This was something she could check in on any time throughout the day.
In the second session Kristen was taking methadone on a daily basis and still thinking about heroin. Her switch was usually up and she would keep putting it down as she tapped on the karate point (indicating success).
We tapped on:
* Feeling anxious and spinning out of control.
* The heavy cloud hanging over her.
* Feeling overwhelmed at work and becoming immobilized and frozen.
* Compulsive hair pulling whenever she was anxious.
* Needing drugs before going out with friends.
* A breathing problem - releasing fear
* Cutting down on methadone
* Not needing heroin or methadone to feel good
During our third session Kristen was still taking methadone and had not yet cut down. Her breathing had greatly improved. We tapped on:
* Afraid of not feeling well and always wanting to feel better (Heroin made her feel better)
* Fear of the methadone wearing off and feeling sick
* Withdrawal symptoms of feeling anxious and fidgety, hot and cold, and lack of concentration.
We reinforced the ideas of not needing to have a hidden secret, as she could keep anything she wanted to herself if she chose.
We tapped on how unique and talented she was, and tapped on opening her heart. Kristen's switch was now down and stayed down. We installed the idea that she would feel better than ever as she took control of her emotions and had no desire for heroin or methadone.
In all we had three hour long sessions and a half hour phone session. This testimonial will hopefully inspire others who either have or work with this challenging issue.

Letter from Kristen
I've been decreasing my methadone for the past five weeks, and I feel good about it. I talked to my counselor about the tapping...she was very happy for me, but didn't really inquire too much about the details of EFT, which I thought was odd considering the small miracle I'd just informed her of. She did say though that she can't think of the last time someone came into her office saying they didn't crave heroin anymore and would like to get off of methadone!

I feel better than I've ever felt, I don't feel plagued by that existential heaviness anymore, and I certainly don't feel like using drugs. I just feel light and happy, and normal, a thing I've always wondered what it felt like.
I think back on all the years I was using and how I always felt I would never be able to stop using, how helpless I felt...now it never occurs to me, and it's like it hardly existed because the thought literally never crosses my mind to use. All the people who say they use drugs because of this trauma or that experience or upbringing, I never felt that way...it's just like I always thought, that I was a sane normal functioning person trapped in an addict's mind and body, or like a demon inside me. If only I could rid myself of that compulsion, I'd be fine because I don't have those kinds of issues. And that's exactly what happened.

Thank you Aileen!

Aileen comments
Since receiving the letter above, Kristen came for another session. She had cut down on her methadone so much that she was feeling "sick." I asked her what sick felt like and she said it was the same feeling she had when she was coming down off heroin. She also had a fear of not going to the clinic every day. Without her habit...who would she be?"
We tapped on:
*Not needing to feel the sickness as her body knew how to compensate as she withdrew from methadone.
*Releasing the need to have a crutch
*Letting go of destructive habits
*Re-inventing herself
We did some light hypnotic journeys featuring crutches getting smaller, and then being able to walk strongly on her own legs into her future self.
We had done only a few minutes on her hair pulling issue during our sessions yet Kristen told me she had almost stopped that habit.
When she tries to think about heroin, it's as if it belonged to someone else. She said that her friends and family are the ones who cant let go, and can't believe she doesn't think about it any more.

The difference in Kristen's aura is amazing. Most people can sense a dark energy around someone and Kristen's energy is now so light compared to her first session.
These EFT techniques never cease to amaze me.

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A Bulimia "One Session Wonder"

We have many successes with Bulimia. However, most of them are complicated and thus take both persistence and above average EFT skills before the bingeing/purging behavior subsides. Rapid results, while infrequent, can certainly occur and this was the case with Aileen Nobles' recent client. In one professionally applied session, the client went from bingeing & purging twice a day to zero occurrences in the last 6 weeks.

By Aileen Nobles
Hi Gary,
Treating Bulimia is often so challenging and when it works this well it can be an inspiration to other people who may be treating or suffering from this challenge.

About a month ago a client came to me with major anxiety issues. She had reverted back to a bulimic pattern that she has had on and off since she was a teen. She's in her late thirties now. She fully understood the dangers of this behavior but has been eating and purging twice a day for the last four months.
She was very clear as to when it first started. Her mother had been at a birthday party with her and she had eaten too much cake and didn't feel so well. Her mother told her that if she could make herself throw up she would feel better. She did... and, indeed, she felt better!
She also said that she was teased at school about her body, yet if she looked at a photo of herself at school she wasn't fat.
We did a basic round on:

"Even though my mother suggested I throw up if I've eaten too much "I can still completely accept myself."

We did another round on:

"Even though i'm trying to throw up all of my anxiety, fear, and ugly feelings about myself its OK. "I can still completely accept myself."

We did the karate for almost the same wording.
We did the 9 gamut for:

"My mother didn't always suggest the best things for me, and throwing up after eating is one of them." I chose to use "is" instead of "was" to bring it into present time.

We did another round on:

"My mother drank too much and didn't feel good about herself so she put a lot of pressure on me to look and perform a certain way. "(Client was a child actor.)

I then suggested that she relax and imagine a tunnel with all of the negative writings on her mental walls that came from her mother and the children at school. I then had her erase it in her mind's eye as she tapped on her thymus and third eye.
We then started tapping on her issues of anxiety and fear and brought those levels way down.
We went back to "I can't get rid of my fear and anxiety by throwing it up." "It would be much better if I don't overeat in the first place."

We went on to issues of not liking the way she looks. I asked her to tell me what she disliked and liked about her appearance . She focused on disliking her legs, thighs and behind. She suddenly remembered very vividly being called "fat ass" in school. It still triggered a strong reaction as she thought about it.
We tapped on "even though I have a fat ass I don't need to throw up."
I threw in a reframe about the size of Serena Williams rear end and how it was revered by thousands.
We tapped on "even though I think I have a fat ass I can change my perspective."
(She actually has a nice fairly small curved rear end.)
We then tapped on...

"I can easily lose weight by not bingeing. I didn't do a lot of things my mother suggested so why am I holding on to the idea of throwing up after I eat. Eating less is a far better idea."
"I deserve to feel good and take a few pounds off my rear end. I choose to do it in a healthy manner. I allow myself to do this easily."

It's been 6 weeks now and, so far, she has had no desire to binge. Please recall that, before EFT, she was bingeing and purging twice a day. She taps on herself for the anxiety and fear. I just love it when EFT works this well.
Love and Light,

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