Emotional Issues Tapped Away Physical Pain

Releasing Emotional PainAllowed Physical Pain to Disappear

Cheron came to have a reading and gain clarity about her future. She is a talented intuitive person who is ready to help others, but was having trouble getting her life in gear. She had a husband who had become a real challenge to her, and was feeling very stuck.

There were many tappable issues that became apparent, so I asked her to start tapping with me.
“Even though my husband and his depression is holding me back, I am quite wonderful anyway.”
“Even though I am so frustrated and fed up with him not getting his life together, I love and accept myself anyway.”
“I have given enough of my self to others over the years and now its time for me.”
“I am ready to get my career going and to honor myself.”

As I muscle tested Cheron on myself, I had her say:

“I want to be successful.”
“I need to be successful.”
“I choose to be successful.”
“I deserve to be successful.”
“I allow myself to be successful.”

She was strong on want, need, choose, deserve, but came up a no on “allow.”

I had her continue to make statements as I tested her, and she was strong on being confident in her abilities, ready to be happy and independent. Next I had her say,
“Its not safe to be successful.”
That was a “yes.” We delved into why it wasn't safe, and she came up with the belief that if she was successful, her husband would ride on her coat tails, and not bother to get himself a new position.

“We tapped on:

“Even though my husband is a real pain in the booty, I love and accept myself anyway.”
“To think that I am holding myself back because of him.”
“I am afraid that he wont get a job if I start earning money… he is a real pain to live with.”
“I don't want to hold myself back.”
“If I don't earn money and get my career going, he still may not get hired, so I might as well allow my own success.”
“Its out of my hands what he does or does not do.”
“Its in my hands whether I allow myself to be successful.”

We tested Cheron on “allowing success,”and again she came up with a “no.”

Through detective work we found another reason for a “no.” She would not allow herself to be responsible for other peoples lives. She had already had huge responsibilities since she was a child, then as a parent, and now her husband was a responsibility. She didn't want any more responsibility connected with other people.
We tapped on:
“I have this belief that I have to be responsible for the happiness of the people that come to me for help, but I am not.”
“I am a conduit for information and healing energy, its not me doing it.”
“What my clients do with the information and energy is up to them.”
“Its safe to allow myself success, as I am just giving people tools to use as they choose.”
“I am not responsible for other peoples lives.”
“I now allow myself success.”

There was still one more issue of not “allowing” around her beliefs of “spirituality and money” that we cleared.

Cheron's whole energy had changed as she walked out of the office.

On the way home she called and left me a message to say that her pain had almost disappeared. She hadn't mentioned her pain to me, so we hadn't worked on it. She had lived with some pain for many years as she had under gone a number of surgeries. Her immediate pain that I was unaware of was because of a fall on concrete a few days before our session.

We did a follow up phone session to get rid of the 10% pain in left in her lower back and bottom.

“Even though I feel so unsupported, I love and accept myself anyway”
“I feel as if I have been imprisoned for years not supported, and it's created this pain in my back.”
“Its old pain I have carried with me for years.”
“This pain is full of anxiety and anger.”
“Its time to let it go.”
“My husband is a pain in the “butt,” but I don't want to carry him in my back and butt.”
“I am separating myself from the “pain in the butt.”

Cheron had decided to physically move away from her husband into another part of the house.

“Letting go of the pain.”
“Ready to move on pain free.”
“I know its emotional but don't choose to have it manifest physically.”

The pain in her back and bottom had disappeared.
The pain moved up to her shoulder blade. (chasing the pain)

With kinesiology she tested that it was despair and self-pity in her shoulder. We tapped on releasing those emotions until they were clear.

A tiny pain was now in her neck.

“Even though I still feel a pain in my neck, I am separating from the pain in my neck and butt.”
“I am ready to be free and successful.”

She is now completely pain free. Oh the joys of EFT, and I had no idea until I received her testimony, that she was determined not to do any EFT work during our session.


 My Testimonial:

I came to see Aileen for emotional issues I was having  in my life.

Her intuition was astounding as she saw what I was going through, and what I was planning on doing in the near future.

I had forgotten to mention that I had fallen down on hard concrete when I missed getting into my chair a few days ago, landing straight on my lower back and buttocks area. I was in a great deal of pain.

When I left my session I was getting in my car and realized how easy it was to get in my seat.

Ninety percent of my pain was gone!   She had targeted "who was a pain in my butt" in my session, and the pain was leaving due to the EFT process I had!!!!

I was completely stunned at how fast this process was working, how much the emotional and physical were really connected.   It was a miracle to me.

We had a follow up session and my 10 percent  of remaining pain kept moving up my body to reveal other emotional issues!!  I am now pain free!!. I had initially gone to see her for a reading to get clarity about my life, and internally I was resisting EFT.   However I am so pleased with my 2 sessions, for the emotional clearing and also for removing my despair.

My logical mind tried going back into despair but it wouldn't hold there anymore.!!

It is amazing that we don't realize what we hold onto, and what keeps us stuck, these sessions wouldn't let the old thoughts return. Thank you Aileen, I received so much more than I ever could have hoped for.


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