No More Asthma

Hi Gary,

Here is a story of how a client lost her life long asthma in just one session.

Jan had come to see me to work on issues with her family, and also to find the courage to leave her boyfriend after 15 years of living together.

As we worked on some of these issues her breathing became more and more difficult and she started wheezing. She apologized and said that she needed to use her inhaler.

I asked her how long she had suffered from asthma and she replied as long as she could remember. Over the years she found herself in the emergency room many many times, and it was just an accepted yet unwanted part of her life. When I mentioned that we might be able to help the problem she was quite enthusiastic.

We started tapping on:

"Even though I have this shortness of breath, its okay, I can love and accept myself anyway."

"Even though I have this weight in my chest, its okay".......

"Even though I feel as if I am smothering its okay"......

I knew that she had lived with her boyfriend for about 15 years and was desperate to end she relationship...yet afraid." It was a very smothering relationship and her immediate asthma attack was triggered by us working on that issue.

" Even though I have "Joe" in my chest and he's so heavy I feel I can't breath, I can still love and accept myself anyway."

We did a complete round of the basic recipe on "I"m carrying "Joe " in my chest and I can't breathe. At this point there had only been a shift in her numbers from 10 to a 7 or 8.

We then did the nine gamut as she focussed on releasing her fear of leaving him.

We continued tapping on:

"I'm afraid of how he will react."

"I'm afraid of being alone."
"I'm afraid i'll have an asthma attack and no one will be there for me."

We then moved into her cellular memory of being afraid and alone as a child, with a very self absorbed mother. She tapped away a number of specific memories of incidents that had stayed with her. She then forgave her mother for not living up to her expectations as she accepted that having chosen her mother in this lifetime, everything was perfect in its seeming imperfection. She felt clear of old stuff with mom.

We then tapped on her anger at herself for not being strong enough to leave Joe. (She had been trying to leave the relationship for over a year.) As she tapped on the karate point I had her visualize the ropes of attachment, fear, and smothering to Joe. Then she imagined herself releasing them one by one. Her breathing was now so much clearer and she was down to a 1 or 2.

We continued to tap on her fear of the freedom that she might feel as she let go of the feelings of being smothered. She thanked the fear and the smothering and gave it all permission to be released. We tapped in feelings of strength, and feeling good, breathing deeply the breath of life, and being ready for new beginnings.

For the first time in her life that she can remember, she has not had so much as a wheeze for over two months ... and ... she has finally made the break from her boyfriend of 15 years.

Pain disappears from arm & shoulder

Hi Everyone,

Aileen Nobles' client had a bad skiing accident and his broken bones were repaired through surgery. The resulting pain, however, received minimal relief until Aileen used EFT on it. Note Aileen's approach and how the pain disappeared within a few minutes...and stayed away.

Hugs, Gary

By Aileen Nobles

Hi Gary,

Last week I had a client who wanted to work on his vision. As we started the session he mentioned how much pain he was in from an operation he had undergone a week and a half ago. He had very limited ability to tap but knew all the points. He had broken his arm and shoulder in eight places from a skiing accident, and was full of plates and screws, The pain was keeping him awake at night.

He was a high powered business man, and his frustration level with not being able to ignore the pain was at a high level. Since his accident a few healers had worked on him, yet still he was experiencing quite a lot of pain.

We started tapping on:
  • "Even though I have this pain and its overwhelming, it's okay I can love and accept myself anyway."
  • "Even though I cannot control this pain, and I like to be in control, it's okay...."
  • "Even though this pain is slowing me down, it's okay..."
  • "I am now releasing all the anger and frustration that I am holding in my arm and shoulder."
  • "I don't choose to punish myself any longer."
  • "Whatever reason I created this challenge , I really don't need to feel the pain as my arm and shoulder heal."
  • "I really would like this pain to disappear."
We then muscle tested him for :
  • "Choose to let it go."
  • "Deserve to let it go."
  • 'Allow myself to let it go."
Choose and deserve were strong but allow tested weak. We then did another reversal procedure:
  • "Even though I am punishing myself because I cant heal the rift with my son, its okay, I can love and accept myself anyway."
I was previously aware this issue was bothering him. We then did another round on:
  • "I now allow myself to release this pain."
A few more minutes of tapping and he said the pain seemed to be all gone!! He called me a few days later to say the pain has not resurfaced and he only has minor discomfort now and then, even though his surgeon mentioned that he may need more surgery.

We are going to do another session to ask his body to move the bones in his shoulder into their perfect position. Perhaps he can avoid more surgery. The miracles just keep happening.

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