Procrastination Starts at Birth

Hello Everyone,

I have worked with a lot of clients to clear procrastination, but this time it had very different beginnings.

Sandy has worked with me on quite a few issues, but it was time for us to get to the bottom of her amazing ability to procrastinate.

She is a writer for a very famous magazine, and was constantly being confronted by deadlines. However she always made sure she did not do what needed to be done until the wee small hours of the morning that the piece was due.

She also procrastinated in her home life, and couldn't bear to be on time, or heaven forbid … early! If she found herself in that situation, her anxiety was off the charts, yet, when she consistently arrived late she was very upset with herself.

She had been this way as long as she could remember.

We looked at some possibilities that could have been the “driver” resulting in her always being late or doing things at the last possible moment.

It did not seem to be an “authority” issue, and her work was always appreciated, so it wasn't an “afraid of criticism” issue.

Ever since she was born Sandy lived with the knowledge that she was in the way, not attractive enough, and her mother had never really wanted her.

As we discussed all the possibilities that could contribute or be responsible for her procrastination, she told me that her birth had been premature. Two months premature.

When she was born her mother told her she looked like an “ugly prune.” She had this repeated to her many times as she grew up. Her mother was very abusive to her emotionally, and had dropped her quite a few times.

We had worked on “not being safe,” “not feeling deserving of love.” These issues were clear of intensity.

Now it felt as if this inauspicious beginning into the world was a good place to start tapping.

“I was so excited to come into this lifetime that I chose to come early.”
“I really wanted to be born, until I was in the birth canal.”
“I can feel my mothers distress and resistance, and here I am, so excited about coming into the world, and she doesn't want me.”
“I must have made a mistake.”
“I don't want to be born, I want to go home.”

Debra repeated that last sentence quite a few times taking a deep breath after each tapping point.

“To think I came early with great enthusiasm and hope, and faced rejection and coldness.”
“Its not safe to be early.”
“My mother did not know how to make me feel safe and loved.”
So I decided why be early or on time … I am not appreciated anyway, so why bother?”
“I will do things at the very last moment possible, as being early or on time doesn't get rewards, and isn't safe.”
“I believe that if you are early you are judged and pushed aside.”
“I hate being judged and pushed aside or found wanting.”
Why would I put myself in that position I don't...and I do it very well.”
“It is all connected with my birth, and it really doesn't have to stay with me any longer.”

At this point Debra mentioned a feeling of pressure on top of her head. I asked her in what other situations does she feel this pressure. She mentioned feeling claustrophobic in long narrow rooms, and in the tube that goes from the airport into the airplane.

In fact she had been in two situations that became physical when she had been pushed from behind in an airport situation.

We tapped on being in the birth canal, and changing her mind about being born. The feelings were intense as she felt the desperation and anger as she was pushed out of the birth canal when she so desperately wanted to...“go back home.”

It was incredibly emotional for her.

We tapped on releasing the anger and desperation on a cellular and etheric level until the intensity was down to below a two.

I had her tap on the karate point as she re-enacted the two situations that had become physical, changing the outcome to an entirely pleasant one, as she imagine herself talking politely to the person shoving her from behind.

She was able to do it, and felt a huge shift.

Next I had Sandy witness her own birth as she tapped on her karate point, changing the memory into a loving warm birth. I had her hold herself as that newborn baby, and give her baby self all the love she needed. She then embraced the baby into her being, into her heart.

She tapped on:
“Together we are safe.”
“Even though we had such a challenging beginning, I don't want it to affect us negatively now. We have a higher purpose, and I want to be constructive in the way I move forward in life.”
“As an adult it is safe to be on time in everything I do.”
Deep breath.
“I choose to be on time and start projects early enough to allow me to finish them in a relaxed manner.”
“I deserve to be loving and gently with myself from now on.”

When I heard from Debra the following week, she said not only had she amazed herself, but all her colleagues were amazed also.

She even had someone come in and organize her home.

She feels so much lighter, and has actually dropped a few pounds of weight. She has been on time for appointments most often, only being late where it was unavoidable.

She is starting each project much earlier and has not had to stay up until 3 and 4am in the morning to complete it.

She has not yet tested the claustrophobic pushing from behind experience, but I am very confident that will be a walk in the park for her.

It has been my experience that often our birth experience does have a profound effect on our beliefs and behaviors.

How wonderful that we have such an incredible self-help tool at our finger tips.


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