Unblocking Eustachian Tubes

I had been working with Jennifer on many issues for quite a few months, and together we had experienced a lot of success.

One day, she mentioned how bad her hearing was. I noticed how she sometimes misheard what I had said as she repeated it, but, as she is in England, and I am in the United States, I just blamed the telephone connection.

Hearing clearly was important in every area of her life and also helpful in our telephone sessions.

She mentioned as a little girl that she had always suffered from ear nose and throat infections, and as an adult, her Eustachian tubes were often blocked.

Using kinesiology on myself on behalf of Jennifer, I checked for emotions contributing to present day blocking.

These emotions were betrayal helplessness, disgust, lack of control, sadness, self-abuse, unsupported, and longing.

As we had done quite a lot of work previously on her childhood issues, I didn't start out with that focus. I did however have her cross crawl, and some figure eight eye patterns to make sure she was wired for healing.

We started tapping on:
“ I'm ready to release all of these emotions so that my Eustachian tubes can unblock. Betrayal, feeling helpless, disgusted, lack of control, sadness, self-abuse, unsupported and longing and depression.”
“I'm choosing to get rid of all of these of these emotions that are negatively affecting my hearing”
“It's safe to get rid of all these emotional issues. These emotions used to serve a purpose when I was a child and I'm carrying them too long, I don't choose to hold onto these emotions any longer, I'm really ready to let go of them.”

I did not deal with each emotion individually at this point, wanting to see the effects that generalized tapping had as we had worked with so many issues already.

At certain points we did deep breaths, sinking into her heart, allowing expansion and surrender.

We continued with tapping, including the point at the end of the nose and including the thymus, a very important area of release.

She tapped around her left ear, verbalizing the negative.

“I don't choose to hold onto this sadness etc.”
“I don't want to hold onto these emotions.” We named them all"
“I don't choose to hold on onto these emotions.”
“I don't need to hold onto these emotions contributing to blocked Eustachian tubes.”
“I don't deserve to hold onto these emotions affecting my hearing negatively.”
“I don't allow myself to hold onto these emotions affecting my hearing negatively.”

Right side tapping around the ear.

“I want to hear clearly. I choose to hear clearly, I need to hear clearly, I deserve to hear clearly, I allow myself to hear clearly.”

At this point her ears were unblocked but not completely clear, we chose to do a few more rounds of tapping on the same issues.

Jennifer then tapped on the side of her hand on the karate point as she visualized any residual emotions floating out of her ears being transmuted into Light.

Her hearing was now clear.

Over the following weeks, she found that when her ears began to plug up she needed to think about what she had just been thinking, and then tap and reframe. And...lo and behold...she could hear!

If Jennifer and I had not previously worked together, I would almost certainly have had to work with each emotion at its root cause. If we had not had the results of her hearing now being clear, I would have worked with each individual emotion. It's wonderful when a problem that has been there for years can be resolved so easily.

Aileen Nobles

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