Road Rage and hives disappear in one session after getting to the core issue

Hi Everyone,

Here's an instructive case by seasoned EFT'er Aileen Nobles. Her seemingly mild mannered client was actually harboring major anger and, as it turns out, this was manifesting in our body as skin eruptions (hives).

Hugs, Gary

By Aileen Nobles

Hi Gary,

Another example where EFT facilitates a double whammy.

Angie was on vacation visiting California from England, and was desperate for relief. She was a mild mannered teacher who appeared to be gentle and loving when she arrived for her session. She came to work on getting rid of the hives that plagued her by breaking out all over her body and face.

As we looked at her childhood, it was obvious that she always tried to please her parents. She was afraid to speak up for fear of getting into trouble, and did anything she could to avoid confrontation. Her father had a mean temper and would lash out verbally and physically when angry.

She first started breaking out in hives during her teenage years, and had been plagued with outbreaks ever since. We tapped on:

  • Trying to be good to keep the peace.
  • Wanting to be invisible so she wouldn't be on the receiving end of her fathers rage.
  • Never being able to speak up and voice her own opinion.
  • Feeling powerless.

We then began tapping on her need to release repressed anger that was erupting on her skin. As she focused on releasing the anger she began to feel angry.

I asked when she felt her anger the most, and she almost shouted. "When I'm surrounded by idiot drivers." Apparently as soon as she got behind the wheel she started to get angry at other drivers. It was always personal. They were cutting her off, driving too slowly, and it was all done deliberately!

She didn't want to act this way behind the wheel, but didn't know how to stop. We continued to collapse various events in her childhood and teenage years that had been particularly traumatic where she had not spoken up and been heard.

Then we did the movie technique as she tapped and imagined herself driving, feeling her usual rage. We gradually changed her intensity until she could imagine a movie of herself driving and feeling the way she wanted to be ... calm, relaxed, and listening to music. By the time the session was over, the hives she had when she arrived for her appointment had already begun to subside.

She reported back a week later to say she didn't need her next appointment as she had been driving with no outbursts, only feeling herself getting angry a couple of times and then being able to tap it away instantly.

A month later she reported that she had had no more outbreaks of hives, and mentioned that her husband actually enjoyed driving with her now. She was also able to speak up and voice her opinion without feeling she needed to suppress it. She finally felt heard, and validated.

Imagine a world where drivers have to take an EFT tapping test along with their driving test!

Love and Light


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