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Individual Sessions

Aileen is not doing private sessions at this time.


Aileen has been in practice over the past thirty years helping people turn their lives around to allow them to become happier more productive, creative and spiritual. Aileen was one of the pioneers in the area of spiritual self-help, always looking for the quickest and most effective techniques to facilitate change. She has been a practitioner of hypnosis, NLP, (neuro-linguistic programming) intuition and EFT (emotional freedom technique). She now uses EFT almost exclusively because of the astounding results she most often sees. Her clientele is extensive, including celebrities and political figures.

She is the author of "The Power to Change Now" and "Divine Abundance". Aileen is the co-host of a weekly syndicated radio show called "Quantum Soup" and had her own cable television show for twenty years called "Light Transformation" where she demonstrated how EFT can work seeming miracles, releasing fears, sadness, and anxiety. She now demonstrates these techniques on Utube.


You will be amazed at what can be accomplished using these tapping techniques. Limiting beliefs and experiences stored in your subconscious manifest as energetic blocks in your body. These can be unblocked in only minutes, for good! Tapping on meridian points, while verbalizing the core belief or issue that you need to release, will set you free. Connecting with Creators Energy while experiencing Theta frequencies will greatly enhance the benefits of tapping. Attract more prosperity and love, release phobias, and create the future you want to have. You choose - change can be almost immediate!!!

"I use Aileen's tapes and find them very helpful in removing any blocks I might have." - Leeza Gibbons

"My overwhelming terror of night that I lived with since I was 3 years old was released completely in half an hour on Aileen's television show, Thank You." - Jane Wu

"I am no longer afraid of public speaking since working with Aileen. It's a miracle" - Ruth Gregory

"I let go of my subconscious program that said I could only earn a limited amount of money without a Ph.D. Now I'm making more money than I ever believed possible." - David Riesling.

"In one session I lost my TMJ pain that was so bad my doctor couldn't do anything more to help Me." - Anne Deveraux.

"My son has turned his life around after three sessions. He is now with new friends and is no longer getting into trouble at school.it's a miracle." - Evelyn Jacob

Your one hour EFT session will be taped as we work on your issue Not all issues can be resolved in one session. However you are able to continue the work on yourself between sessions as you work along with the tape.

EFT works on releasing fear, anxiety, sadness, grief, pain, sleeping problems, addictions, lack of self-esteem, self-sabotage and trauma. It also enhances athletic performance, increases motivation and increases intuition.

An hour session is $250.00.
A half hour session is $150.00.

In person or over the telephone, call or e-mail to schedule an appointment 424-781-7547 aileennobles11@aol.com.

Also available is an intuitive reading of your past, present, and future combined with the EFT techniques which will enable you to set yourself free of limiting patterns and propel yourself forward, creating the future you choose to have.

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